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Peninsula Psychological Services

Psychological and Counselling Services

Family & Relationship Counselling

Are you seeing signs of family and/or relationship problems ? Some signs that you are experiencing difficulty in your relationship might be -

- frequent arguing,

- disagreements

- communication breakdown

- angry outbursts

- physical conflict.

There are numerous reasons that may trigger a relationship breakdown, from changes in family circumstances such as a new baby, divorce or blending of families to financial problems, trust issues, substance abuse issues and difference in beliefs, values and goals. During these difficult times you might be feeling anger, sadness and anxiety aswell as confusion, stress and exhaustion.

Peninsula Psychological Services offer counselling from qualified psychologists in a safe and confidential environment. During counselling sessions our psychologists do not make any judgements about who is right or wrong, do not tell you what to do or try and convince you to stay together or separate.

Counselling can assist you in understanding your present relationship and understand how each contributed to the relationship breakdown. It can help find out what you want from the future relationship and each other.

There are varying degrees of distress people experience and here at Peninsula Psychological Services there is no problem is too big or too small. Feel free to contact our office to discuss our services and make an appointment.

Individual Counselling

Peninsula Psychological Services offers a respectful supportive environment for you to discuss issues which are concerning you. During the sessions you will be provided with a safe comfortable environment in which you may want to resolve past issues and/or work on new strategies for personal growth.

Our professional psychologists are trained in many therapeutic approaches of which they will use a number of different strategies to identify why these issues are arising for you and also to teach you skills for you to get the most out of your life.

If you have a valid GP referral you may be entitled to a Medicare refund. For people on a Government Concession Card, and you have a valid GP referral you may be entitled to have the session bulk billed.

If you hold private health insurance you may be eligible for a rebate which is available at the time of payment through our HICAPS machine.

Mediation Services

There are times when disputes arise that need a neutral third party to assist in negotiations. Here at Peninsula Psychological Services we have a qualified Accredited Mediator with the Australian Mediation Association who can help parties communicate effectively, enhance understanding and assist parties reach an agreement which satisfies all their interests and needs.

Mediation is a more affordable alternative to Court action. It is confidential, informal and can be empowering for all parties allowing them to have more control over the way the dispute is dealt with and the final outcome. Unlike Court if the parties do not agree to a final decision, the dispute remains unresolved.

Workplace, neighbourhood, family disputes are not uncommon and mediation is a promising alternative to explore.

Feel free to contact our office to discuss whether the mediation process would benefit you and your situation.

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